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It Feels Like Forever

Every photographer was drawn to the initial clicks by some unknown force. Some photographers were able to go down that faint trail until it widened to a path. For me, that path led underwater, then underground, then widened into a cave, and then emerged onto a vast plain of possibility with no paths, just savannah as far as the eye could see. It's not some monolithic vista of grass, but of interesting stone formations, copses of trees, and insect communities forming a stage for the antics of all kinds of wild things.

I come from a very vocational family, and the pathway to photography was an itch that wouldn't go away and no one around me knew how to foster. I was pushed to college and a practical life. I'd love to say I fought for my art and was successful in spite of the odds.  

That didn't happen.

Everything Is New...

Years passed and I focused on earning a living. I found myself drawn back into shooting pictures with the introduction of digital cameras. I'd buy a point and shoot, and as megapixels improved, I'd sell it on eBay to fund the next purchase. Eventually, I started moving into "prosumer" cameras that I'd take with me as I traveled for work. Then I discovered you could sometimes take cameras to concerts. As more shows started allowing photography, I kept upgrading my camera.  

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